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Local Growth Fund

Enterprise Cheshire and Warrington has been allocated a total of £201m of Local Growth Funds to deliver a diverse range of projects. 

The projects are aimed at improving connectivity around the region, opening up new development land for new homes and commercial use, improving skills across the region’s workforce and student population and driving innovation in energy and life sciences. 

The programme has run since 2015 with the investment period ending in March 2021. There were over 60 projects in the programme with a combined value of over £475m. The projects are expected to create:

  • 16,000 jobs
  • £925m of public and private leverage
  • 14000 new homes
  • Greenhouse Gas reductions of 540k tonnes

In 2019 £5 million from the Local Growth Fund was invested into projects that used specialist equipment needed to raise awareness of new technologies and deliver digital and technical training to as many residents as possible across Cheshire and Warrington, find out more about these projects and how you can get involved with them here.

Watch our video case study from BEEP

Through the Local Growth Fund, Enterprise Cheshire and Warrington provided Blue Orchid with £728,000 funding to deliver support that helped SMEs in Cheshire and Warrington to become more energy efficient.

Frazer Kearney from Blue Orchid explains how this support was delivered through a programme called BEEP that offered energy audits and grants towards certain projects. YP Group were one of the recipients of support through the BEEP programme and share their experience.