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Finance is fundamental to the growth and start-up plans of any business. With a wide range of financial options and schemes available, it can sometimes be hard to understand which would be the best for your business. The Growth Hub has the knowledge of public and private sector funding channels available to you to start or grow your business.

Finding funding is one of the most important tasks facing any business. The Growth Hub understands that your business is unique and so are your investment needs. When you need to raise capital for your business there is a diverse range of possibilities to consider and they each work in different ways.

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To help you decide on what is right for your business we let you know about as many of the different funding opportunities available to you and who offers what you want whether that is: grants, loans, equity finance, venture capital, credit, overdrafts, asset finance, invoice financing, alternative finance.

We can help you:

  • Identify the most relevant sources of funding
  • Understand the finance options available to you
  • Access expert financial advice
  • Identify what grants you may be eligible for
  • Connect with a wide range of finance providers

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