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M2M02 About Funding


Cheshire and Warrington is already a strong economy, regularly ranking highly in the country, but the ambition is to continue to build on strengths and overcome any challenges to deliver to the destination’s full potential.

Our board is committed to transforming the region into a £50 billion economy by 2040, by focussing on key sectors, which offer the best prospects of achieving this objective, and successfully delivering the funding programmes for which it has responsibility. For the very first time Cheshire and Warrington has significant influence over financial resources that can be deployed to boost the economic growth of the sub-region, provide real opportunities for all our businesses, especially SMEs and provide meaningful support for our unemployed and young people. See the opportunities available below.

Growing Places Fund

The organisation received £12.1m in 2014 to invest in development opportunities across the region.  This provides a valuable revolving funding source for us to  continue to aid economic development.

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M2M02 Funding Gorwing Places Fund

Local Growth Fund

The organisation has been allocated a total of £201m of Local Growth Fund to deliver a diverse range of projects. There are over 50 projects in the programme with a combined value of over £400m.

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M2M02 Funding Local Growth Fund

Evergreen Fund

The organisation secured £20m of ERDF to establish a Cheshire and Warrington Development Fund. The fund will be managed by CBRE’s Investment Advisory team. The resource will provide development finance, in the form of loans or investment capital to help build facilities that will unlock opportunities around research and development and support energy efficiency.

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M2M02 Funding Evergreen Fund

Getting Building Fund

The organisation has been awarded £15.5m of Getting Building Funding which has been approved in principle for three projects.

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M2M02 Funding Getting Building Fund