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Cheshire and Warrington Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan

Developing our new Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan

Developing our new Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan

The Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan will be our shared plan to grow and develop the Cheshire and Warrington economy that helps to deliver our ambitions to be the UK’s healthiest, most sustainable, inclusive and growing economy by 2045. 

Enterprise Cheshire and Warrington, together with Cheshire and Warrington Local Authorities, is in the process of developing a new Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan. Your views will help us understand the diverse needs and aspirations of our communities. Together, we can co-create a plan that benefits everyone, from local businesses and community organizations to health sector professionals and local authorities.  

We invite you to complete a brief survey to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas:

As we address the economic challenges and opportunities in our region, our commitment is to base our actions on evidence and insights from our community. We are dedicated to refreshing, consolidating, and reframing our economic strategy to align with our sustainable and inclusive growth vision. Our aim is to create an effective, compelling plan that not only attracts investment but also delivers on our broader economic priorities for the benefit of our people, businesses, and places well into the future.

The key drivers for refreshing the strategy are:  

  • The need to view the economic plan through the lens of a healthy, sustainable, inclusive and growing economy, in line with the new sub-regional vision. 
  • The need to incorporate the key insights from the recently refreshed evidence base, to ensure we have the right priorities reflecting the current economic reality, tested with our key stakeholders/businesses.  
  • To respond to the impact of recent wider changes such as EU exit and trade, supply chain and skills/labour shortages, inflation, the war in Ukraine and energy prices/security. 
  • The need to understand and respond to what the national economic and related policy agenda means for the area.
  • To understand how the plan’s priorities support and have an impact across places, and work in tandem with local authority and other plans and priorities.

Whilst the plan will make a very important contribution on delivering this economic vision, its scope will be limited to the economic contributions we can make, and respects that there is a lot of existing and planned delivery locally for example on net zero/climate change, health, and inclusion, which are beyond the scope of the plan, which collectively will support achieving the areas’ ambitions.

We value your input and would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete our survey. The survey is brief and will only take a short amount of your time. We assure you that your responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Your valuable input will guide our actions and decisions in the coming months.

By sharing your thoughts and insights, you play a vital role in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for our region.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.


Cheshire and Warrington Economic Evidence Base

We refreshed our evidence base in 2022 to take account of the changes in the external environment such as Covid, EU exit, Net Zero, Levelling Up and other government policies.

Download the evidence pack.


Consultation Event Presentation

We have held an initial programme of consultation events that recap the Cheshire and Warrington evidence, illustrate how the economy has changed, future trends and introduce some of the opportunities and challenges. The presentation also provides the mission-based economy framework and draft priorities being reviewed, discussed and consulted.

Download the presentation 

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