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Our plans for the future

Vision and Strategy

An Ambitious Plan

To be the healthiest, most sustainable,
inclusive and growing economy in the UK.

  • Sustainable - Delivering clean growth, becoming carbon neutral, and creating sustainable cities, towns, and places for people to live and work.
  • Inclusive - Enabling all residents to live healthy and successful lives, and tackling barriers that may prevent them from doing so - particularly the fundamental inequalities that people face.
  • Healthy - Improving the health of residents whilst narrowing the gap between the experience of the richest and the poorest.
  • Growing Economy – Increasing the incomes of everyone in Cheshire and Warrington by utilising its economic strengths to increase productivity and build on the area’s status as the second fastest growing economy in the country. Further evidence on the Cheshire and Warrington economy is available in our recent consultations on our economic strategy and our ongoing work on a plan to drive economic recovery from the pandemic.
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Cheshire and Warrington has, for many years, been one of the fastest growing economies in the country

Clare Hayward MBE, DL

Cheshire and Warrington Recovery Plan 2021/22

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact across the world. Cheshire and Warrington has not been immune.

The Local Enterprise Partnership has responded by leading the recovery and growth of the Cheshire and Warrington economy through a  powerful partnership between the private, public and third sectors. This Recovery Plan shows how we will build a better future together after Covid and sets out the steps the LEP is taking as part of that partnership in the short term to get the economy back on its feet, and back on course to make Cheshire and Warrington the most healthy, sustainable, inclusive and growing economy in the UK.

We will build on this even further with the publication of a longer-term strategy at the end of the year.

View our Recovery Plan here

Please submit feedback on the Recovery Plan to

Local Industrial Strategy

We finalised a Local Industrial Strategy during 2019/20. The development of the strategy was evidence-led with extensive collection and analysis of a range of economic data. The insights drawn from the data show that the Cheshire and Warrington economy remains strong, but that there are potential challenges to be addressed in achieving our long-term economic objectives. The Local Industrial Strategy aims to deliver sustainable economic growth and in doing so creating a more productive, resilient and inclusive economy. 

View our Local Industrial Strategy here

Strategic Economic Plan

We published a refreshed Strategic Economic Plan in July 2017, which confirmed the revised growth ambition shared across the Cheshire and Warrington sub-region: to grow our economy’s GVA to £50 billion per annum by 2040. The plan is intended to be a high-level, strategic road map to achieving our growth ambition. The strategy has been designed to be flexible and provide a broad framework within which different areas and groups can align their activities.

The Strategic Economic Plan sets out the key opportunities that will drive our growth ambitions:

  • The world class science, technology and innovation assets within the Cheshire Science Corridor
  • The once-in-a-generation opportunity that HS2 will bring to the Constellation Partnership area and wider region
  • The unique cross-border opportunities within the Mersey Dee Economic Axis, and the potential to create Warrington New City

View our Strategic Economic Plan here

Other Strategies

To help reach the goals of the Strategic Economic Plan and Local Industrial Strategy, a range of supporting strategies and documents were created, providing a framework for their specific area, to help us  are supporting strategies that will help Cheshire and Warrington to be the UK’s most sustainable, inclusive, healthy, and growing economy.

These strategies can be viewed here

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