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What We Do

Leading growth

The Local Enterprise Partnership leads the growth of the Cheshire and Warrington economy through a powerful partnership between the private, public, and voluntary sectors. Our ambition is to be the UK’s healthiest, most sustainable, inclusive and growing economy.

Working in collaboration with local government, businesses, educational institutes and other public, private and community sector organisations, we keep Cheshire and Warrington firmly on the map.

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Skills and Education

The Employers’ Skills and Education Board operates with strong leadership from a range of local employers who use their networks to draw in experience and knowledge about the local skills and education issues facing our local businesses.

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Infrastructure and Transport

Transport and connectivity will be central to achieving Cheshire and Warrington’s aspirations for growth and supporting economic development. Effective transport networks will be crucial for the continued success of the sub region as an attractive place in which to live and do business.

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Economic Strategy

The LEP’s long term growth ambitions are set out in its Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) which was updated in 2018. It sets out a high level strategy to double the size of the economy by 2040 and looks at the strengths, opportunities and weaknesses that might affect our ability to achieve that ambition.

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Cheshire and Warrington has significant influence over financial resources that can be deployed to boost the economic growth of the sub-region, provide real opportunities for all our businesses, especially SMEs and provide meaningful support for our unemployed and young people.

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Growth Hub

Through the Growth Hub, the LEP works with businesses to grow in our sub-region and helps individuals to start a business. We work closely with partners to ensure that businesses receive the support they need including export support, apprenticeship support and innovation support.

The Growth Hub
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Marketing Cheshire

Marketing Cheshire is the destination management organisation for Cheshire and Warrington. They are responsible for building an effective tourism and place marketing strategy, promoting the sub-region nationally and internationally to business and leisure visitors, and investors.

Marketing Cheshire
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