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Cheshire Day 2024

Share your best photo of Cheshire

What is Cheshire Day?

We're a county with a lot to show; we shaped Britain’s industrial revolution, we played our part in the space race, and we're the home of the county's fastest super computer. We also have the nations first named cheese, a mythical cat, a theme park, and a fairytale castle.

All have shaped Cheshire into a county we’re proud to be a part of and March 30th is the day to celebrate it.


Cheshire Day is a multi-channel, cross-organisational initiative and a true chance to celebrate Cheshire: the people that make up our county, the businesses and organisations that thrive here, the stunning landscapes and charming towns and villages, are all a part of the Cheshire story and all deserve to be shouted about.

On the 30th March every year we aim to raise the profile of Cheshire by showing the world that we’re the best place to live, work, study, and visit. Using #CheshireDay we want the residents, businesses and visitors to show just how proud they are to be a part of Cheshire.

Did you know that our Cheshire Day activity nets 10.4m impressions? This year we're asking businesses to get involved and bolster that reach by co-ordinating their own activities around the day. We've produced a handy toolkit with the information you need to celebrate the day.


Download the toolkit for businesses

Celebrate Cheshire Day with us! See how you and your business can get involved in Cheshire Day 2024.

Download the toolkit
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Download Cheshire Day brand assets

Add the brandmark or lockup to your assets for Cheshire Day or use the video and images provided