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Sustainability and Green Energy Projects

Sustainability and Green Energy Projects


NZNW Industrial Cluster Plan 

The Net Zero NW Cluster Plan will create a deliverable investment, technology and infrastructure blueprint for the North West’s net zero transition and low carbon recovery post-COVID-19. It will recommend the technologies, infrastructure changes and investment necessary to transition the North West, working with North East Wales, to net zero carbon by 2040. The LEP is working with a consortium of partners and consultants to deliver the final report and the investment case.

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Invest Net Zero Cheshire 

Invest Net Zero Cheshire has developed a roadmap to net zero that will drive inward investment into the low carbon energy projects already identified or underway, across renewables, hydrogen, carbon capture, energy storage, and smart grids.

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Natural Capital Audit and Investment Plan

Natural capital is critical in building our resilience to climate change and as part of long-term sustainable growth. As part of the LEP’s Quality of Place Strategy, and the Strategic Economic Plan, the need was identified for a Natural Capital Audit and Investment Plan, and we worked with several partners to commission the work in 2020, with a completion date in 2021.  

The work is providing a detailed baseline for the provision of blue and green infrastructure and is developing initial proposals for an investment pipeline of projects that could, amongst other things, reduce the risk of flooding, increase the amount of carbon stored in the natural environment and improve air quality. 

Case studies include sustainable agricultural production, carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement including examining the use of peatland restoration, water quality and flow improvements (and biodiversity enhancement).  The work is identifying locations where multiple strategic themes overlap with the potential to deliver multiple benefits at the same time.  

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