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Skills Bootcamps

Helping employers to fill vacancies and grow the skills of their workforce

Skills bootcamps will support Cheshire and Warrington’s social and economic objectives of delivering a sustainable, healthy, inclusive and growing economy.  

What are skills bootcamps? 

Skills bootcamps are built around the needs of local employers’ and their supply chains. Key features of a skills bootcamp are they provide: 

  • flexible training programmes of up to 16 weeks with a minimum of 60 guided learning hours 
  • an opportunity to upskill staff and or fill job vacancies 
  • level 3 – 5 training for medium to high level vacancies 
  • guaranteed job interviews or offer of change in responsibilities 
  • employers can be involved in the recruitment onto bootcamps, delivery of training and offering interviews for vacancies 
  • training for employees in the public, private and voluntary sectors 

Work with us to deliver skills bootcamps 

We now have 3 opportunities for training providers to work with us. The opportunities that are currently available to bid against are shown below: 

All queries and applications to be submitted to:  


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Logistics Skills Bootcamp

The logistics bootcamp should include training in line with DVSA requirements including licence application and test with the approved provider.

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Green Skills Bootcamp

The green skills bootcamp must meet the needs of the green economy supporting the transition from high to low carbon, directly contribute to the achievement of the UKs net zero emissions target and help mitigate climate risks.

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Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp

The digital marketing bootcamp should include web design, marketing and business principles including principles of website building and marketing, implementing digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms, website programming, design logic and dedicated application usage.

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