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James Hall, MRICS

Estates Manager, Cholmondeley Estates

As a Chartered Surveyor, James has practiced in Cheshire and the North West for 30 years after graduating from the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. is on increasing biomass and sequestering carbon.

He is Managing Agent at Cholmondeley Estate, looking after a portfolio of agricultural, residential, commercial and tourism interests.  He is a Board Member of the Environment Group chaired by Dieter Helm and is on the Business and Rural Economy Committee of the Country Land and Business Association.  As an enthusiast for environment improvement, James co-established the Cheshire Eco Partnership (ChEP) for Estates that share these values and he is a Soil Advocate for the “Kiss the Ground” movement.  Cholmondeley Farms Ltd. are organic and practice regenerative agriculture, where the focus