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The Knutsford Voucher is Nearly 1 Year Old

Marketing Cheshire Knutsford Cheshire East 24/09/2021

It has been nearly a year since the scheme was launched

It has been nearly a year since the Knutsford Voucher was launched and Knutsford Town Council is urging people who have a voucher that expires by the end of the year to spend them.

The voucher was launched last November and has proved extremely popular with just under £8000 worth of vouchers bought since 2020.  The idea behind the scheme is simple – don’t buy an Amazon voucher but buy a gift voucher that can be spent in the town and goes direct to local shop owners and into Knutsford’s local economy.

However, as the scheme was launched last November and each voucher is valid for a year, the town council wants to remind people to spend them before they expire.

Sandra Curties, Knutsford Town Council’s Town Centre and Marketing Officer, said, “There is approximately £3500 of unspent vouchers in Knutsford that expire at the end of the year.  So please check your wallets, purses, back of your sofa and get spending!  There are over 50 shops and businesses that accept them so you can buy anything from gin to flowers to a pair of trousers or even your fruit and veg”

A full list of business accepting the voucher can be found on the town council’ website alongside how to purchase vouchers.

If any Knutsford based business is interested in the scheme, they should get in touch with Sandra Curties on 01565 653929.  Please note only Knutsford based shops (not surrounding villages) can take the vouchers.  If successful, higher denominations will be introduced and longer term a digital option may be developed.