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RLWC set to make an impact in Warrington

Marketing Cheshire Warrington Warrington Borough Council 09/06/2022

Host impact day on 21 June

Warrington is making preparations to celebrate the important role it will play as part of the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) through a celebratory Host Impact Day.

The day, which takes place on Tuesday 21 June, will get communities and businesses excited about the arrival of the Rugby League World Cup in Warrington through a series of events and gatherings.

Warrington’s Host Impact Day kicks off with a business breakfast at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, where businesses can enjoy a breakfast in the company of rugby league legends Adrian Morley and Jodie Cunningham while learning more about the tournament.

This will be followed by a walking rugby taster session outside the Town Hall – where everyone is welcome - alongside a schools event at Victoria Park, photo opportunities with the RLWC trophies at Orford Jubilee Hub, with the day concluding with a visit to Warrington Youth Zone.

The full itinerary for Warrington’s Host Impact Day is:


  • 8.30am to 10am – business breakfast at the Halliwell Jones Stadium
  • 11am to 12.15pm – walking rugby taking place outside of the Town Hall  
  • 13.30pm to 2.30pm - school 9’s event at Victoria Park
  • 4pm to 5pm – the RLWC trophies will be displayed at Orford Jubilee Hub for public viewing/photos
  • 6pm to 7pm– visit to Warrington Youth Zone

Cabinet member for leisure and community, Cllr Tony Higgins, said: “The Rugby League World Cup 2021 will be one of the biggest, best and most inclusive tournament ever held, and an important part of RLWC is encouraging our communities to get involved.

“This Host Impact Day is a chance to keep the momentum going as we head towards the tournament. It’s also a great opportunity for us to create a network of community voices and advocates for the tournament, encouraging local businesses, children and residents to get involved and spread the word about the valuable part Warrington will play in this year’s tournament.”


You can find out more about the Host Impact Day, including how to sign up for the business breakfast, at the RLWC2021 page on the council website.