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New low carbon hydrogen project to be located at Protos


Cheshire Green Hydrogen will supply low carbon hydrogen

A new low carbon hydrogen project is set to be located at Protos. The proposed 28 megawatt (MW) Cheshire Green Hydrogen project will use renewable electricity from Foresight’s Frodsham wind farm next to Protos to generate low carbon hydrogen.  

The project is the first to be revealed following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Peel NRE and Progressive Energy. The two companies are exploring the design and delivery of vital new hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure at Protos, capitalising on its proximity to the  hydrogen and carbon capture project HyNet North West.  

Cheshire Green Hydrogen will supply low carbon hydrogen via HyNet’s planned pipeline. The hydrogen will potentially be supplied to Cadent’s proposed Hydrogen Village in Whitby, Ellesmere Port and to local industry, including glass manufacturer Encirc.   

Hydrogen will also be safely stored within HyNet’s underground salt caverns, providing secure storage of locally produced energy - contributing to the UK’s wider energy security.  

Adam Baddeley, Head of Industrial Hydrogen at Progressive Energy, said:  “The North West is an ideal place to deploy low carbon hydrogen production. Not only can it be distributed at low-cost via the HyNet pipeline network, but we have a large number of industry sites ready and enthusiastic to switch to low carbon hydrogen from fossil gas. 

Richard Barker, Development Director - Environmental at Peel NRE, said:  “After announcing our partnership with Progressive Energy in the summer it’s great to be bringing forward this first low carbon hydrogen project. Protos’s proximity to HyNet means we can support regional ambitions to deliver world-leading hydrogen and carbon capture infrastructure which will not only contribute to energy security but help cut carbon dioxide emissions.” 

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