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New Cheshire charity to promote peace and safety for women

Cheshire and Warrington 06/04/2022

A newly-formed charity is staging a special event.

A newly-formed charitable organisation is staging a special event to air views and suggestions on how to make life more peaceful and secure for South Cheshire women of all ages.

The Alpha Omega Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Foundation is inviting women to an interactive forum at the Apollo Buckingham Health Sciences Campus in Crewe on April 30 as part of its mission to develop a society where everyone has the ‘Right to Be Safe.’

Founder Amaka Lawton, whose husband Ken runs Alpha Omega, a security company in Crewe, said: “Everyday we hear of terrible atrocities against women, so much so it is possible to become de-sensitised by the news stories.

“The Foundation aims to keep women’s safety and security very much in the public eye and we are starting here in South Cheshire.”

The new charity will welcome civic dignitaries, private security firms, police and other stakeholders to the ‘Town Hall Meeting’ in the Delaney Building from 10am to 1pm.

Anyone interested in exploring ways local women and children can feel safe and secure in any situation is invited to attend.

Amaka said: “The Foundation is inspired by the United Nations Security Council Resolution on women, peace and security (WPS) and aims to involve, educate and assist women in promoting peace and security within their communities.

“Throughout history they have been so tragically oppressed no matter what their culture or background. In modern society they should feel safe to walk alone at night or be at peace in their own home.

“Ultimately the Foundation wants women of all ages to feel empowered and safe in whatever circumstances they may be in.”

The Foundation aims to drive home the message It’s Our Right to Be Safe. Key areas of its work will be:

  • Protection - Create a safe space where women can openly discuss their issues around safety.
  • Participation - Campaign for more women in policy-making positions that will in turn enhance women’s security.
  • Prevention – Engage parents, especially mothers, in discussions and workshops on raising children who will behave acceptably in society.

There will be practical support such as teaching self-defence and crisis management to help women recover post-conflict.

The Foundation is also creating an age-appropriate curricula for schools to teach children about safety online and in their communities.

There will be events including a local multi-cultural food festival and high-profile presence at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Crewe this summer.

She added: “The Foundation’s official launch will be in December but we want to get people talking about the issues facing women now.

“We urge ladies of all ages to attend on April 30.”

Anyone who would like to know more about the Foundation’s work or attending the Town Hall Meeting is asked to call 0300 365 9223 or