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Made in Cheshire: County sets out its stall as world leader


Economic summit will be held at The Engine Rooms

Cheshire and Warrington is truly leading the way when it comes to celebrating innovation and great products. From spirits made from wild foraged ingredients and drive through ice-cream to luxury cars, green technology and innovative cancer research – these are some of the products made in Cheshire and renowned globally.

Cheshire and Warrington has so much to offer, from small family run businesses offering products that can’t be found anywhere else in the country to the likes of Siemens, Bentley and AstraZeneca, providing world leading products that are known and used by millions.

Its wide array of innovative businesses both large and small is part of what makes Cheshire and Warrington’s economy so strong and they are key to our ambition to become the healthiest, most sustainable, inclusive and growing economy in the UK.

Next month, an economic summit will be held at The Engine Rooms in Warrington, this is an opportunity for the region to come together to understand what is Made in Cheshire and explore what could be Made in Cheshire building on our assets, innovation and creativity.  

Clare Hayward, Chair of Cheshire and Warrington LEP, said:Cheshire is a world leader on so many fronts and scales, from the small boutique shops and SMEs to large international businesses that impact all of us in our day-to-day life.

“We have an incredible offer for all; people that visit, live and work here.  This region is known for its world leading innovation and creativity. Building on our strong platform of R & D, entrepreneurialism and the desire to create strong, sustainable growth means there are many great business opportunities for those that are located here and for those that would like to be.

“Names like Bentley, Siemens and AstraZeneca are known the world over, and it’s no coincidence they have chosen to make their home in Cheshire. Facilities such as Alderley Park and Birchwood make visiting and investing in Cheshire an easy choice for your business and your people to thrive.

“We have the likes of the Forest Distillery which makes drinks from wild foraged ingredients and The Ice Cream Farm, with its world first Ice Cream Drive In, showing that we are innovating on every level. This is what makes Cheshire such a special place.

“Our economic summit is our chance to highlight the innovation that is happening here and look forward to our ambitions to the next year. I’d urge businesses to get involved and sign-up today, to hear what others are doing or perhaps have the chance to share what your business has Made in Cheshire”

The event, which is also Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership’s AGM, is on Tuesday, October 4 from 9.30am to 12.10pm.

The event will include panels, featuring the likes of Jonathan Fell, Managing Director at the Ice Cream Farm, Karl Bond, co-founder of Forest Distillery,  Richard Abbey, CEO of Abbey England Ltd and more.

Following the event there will also be a networking lunch for attendees to enjoy.

To sign-up to attend click here