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Invitation to SCaN Training


Monday 26th February, 10am - 12pm, Chester Market

Monday 26th February 2024, 10am – 12pm Chester Market

Learn how to help you and your team remain vigilant to the risk of threats that would target the success of the area.

Part of a city-wide initiative, Cheshire West and Chester Council are working with Counter Terrorism Northwest and Cheshire Police, and would like to invite you to attend a free training session called SCaN, so that as a community we can detect and deter potential threats.

SCaN (See, Check and Notify) training aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to enable us to disrupt terrorist attack planning and wider criminality which may be operating in our vicinity.

It will show you how you can do this with some simple changes to how you do your normal job and that will also have a positive impact on customer service, and result in your customers feeling safe and secure.

The training you receive is state-of-the-art, born out of many years of research, development and evaluation. We cannot stress enough how vital a role you have in helping protect your business, staff and visitors.

The training will take place over 2 hours and will also incorporate some of the ACT training (Action Counters Terrorism) developed by NaCTSO (National Counter terrorism Security Office).

Please make every effort for all staff to be able to access this training. Please RSVP to