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Condor Hotels Extends Management Term for Sites in Prestbury and Cranage


The site teams are excited about the future

Condor Hotels, a leading hospitality management company is thrilled to announce the extension of their management term for both The Bridge in Prestbury and The Vicarage in Cranage, following a successful six months of overseeing operations at these prestigious, Grade II listed sites. With a commitment to excellence in hospitality, Condor has secured the current teams to ensure the continued success and growth of these establishments.

As part of their ongoing dedication to the local community, Condor Hotels is proud to support initiatives such as Prestbury in Bloom and Cheshire Dogs Home, further embedding the sites in the hearts of the communities in which they are situated. By actively engaging with local charities and organisations, Condor Hotels will endeavour to make a positive impact as they oversee the operations of the businesses and provide exemplary hospitality.

Yvonne Jackson, CEO of Condor Hotels had this to say: “We’re thrilled that Condor has secured a longer term of management for these prestigious properties” “We aim to futureproof the venues, providing excellent hospitality and supporting the staff as we navigate new successes with our leadership”.

With a team of experienced professionals at the helm, Condor Hotels is eager to enhance the offerings at both The Bridge in Prestbury and The Vicarage in Cranage. Drawing upon their extensive expertise in hospitality, Condor is committed to continuously improving the guest experience and ensuring that both sites remain top destinations for travellers and locals alike.

The site teams are excited about the future under Condor Hotel's insightful management and look forward to a prosperous journey ahead. With a focus on quality, service, and community engagement, Condor Hotels is poised to lead these sites towards a bright future in the world of hospitality.