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Celebrating International Women's Day - Alice Choi, McCann Health Medical Communications

International Womens Day 04/03/2022

Hear from Alice Choi, McCann Health Medical Communications


Alice Choi, McCann Health Medical Communications

Alice Choi shares what her organisation is doing to be more inclusive and drive change, what a diverse and inclusive future means to her and who inspires her.

What have you/your organisation done to be more inclusive and drive change?

I’m proud to work for an organisation that strives to make a meaningful and long-term difference in driving greater DE&I. We have focused on four key areas: our teams and our culture, our clients and our work, our operations and processes and our wider societal outreach. We are committed to this, top-down and bottom-up and are proud that our efforts have been recognised by our peers: in 2021, we won the D&I leadership award at Communique 2021. We recognise that we are still on a learning journey but are delighted to have made such a great start.

What would an international future that is diverse, equitable and inclusive mean to you?

As the mother of 3 mixed-race daughters, a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive future would mean that all doors are open to them in whatever they choose to do, wherever they choose to be and that glass ceilings and discrimination are things of the past.

Which woman do you think lives these values and inspires you?

I’m a fan of Michelle Obama. She is strong, a great role model and doesn’t let gender or ethnicity get in the way of her sense of purpose.

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