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Case Study: Rogue Gumshield - Business Growth Support

Growth Hub Case Study 01/01/0001

Innovative start-up helped with IP and prototyping

Rogue Gumshield, a start-up company with a new novel gumshield product needed some support to grow their business.

Rogue Gumshield, is an innovative start-up founded by Mathew Rogulski, who  has invented a novel gum shield with a replaceable gel liner, with a wide range of applications. As Mathew started the business he approached the Growth Hub for support.

A growth broker spoke with Mathew and discussed what Rogue Gumshield’s current growth challenges were. After this meeting and understanding the business, the Growth Hub:

  • Referred Rogue Gumshield to Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme
  • Connected Mathew to Innovate UK

Since receiving this support Mathew is now being helped by MMU, a partner of the Business Growth Programme, to secure the intellectual property of the product and complete the product’s development. The business is also progressing, despite Covid-19, with Mathew purchasing his own 3D printer to create product prototypes.

Mathew explained “As a start-up business with a new product, I needed help to turn my product into a viable business. My main concerns were about prototyping the product and making sure I had the right intellectual property to do this successfully. With the help of the Growth Hub, I have been able to access experts in intellectual property, who are helping me protect my idea and maximise the product potential.  I’m looking forward to the next stage for Rogue Gumshield and seeing what I can do with my finished product.”

Andy Devaney, Business and Innovation Director at Cheshire and Warrington LEP commented “Understanding where to start with intellectual property and prototyping can be complicated, especially when it is the first time you are doing it. By understanding what Mathew needed, The Growth Hub have been able to help him access expertise that will enable his business to grow and ensure his intellectual property is safe. Mathew’s product is an innovative device that has many potential uses and by helping Mathew take this next step, we hope he can maximise the potential of Rogue Gumshield and grow the business.”

For further information about innovation support available please contact the team