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Call for businesses to share experiences of supporting LGBT staff


Employers asked to share stories

LGBT Business Champion, Iain Anderson, calls on global and UK employers to share their stories of making workplaces welcoming for LGBT staff.

Today (Friday 18 March) the Government’s LGBT Business Champion, Iain Anderson, is calling on global and UK employers to share their stories of making workplaces welcoming for LGBT staff.

Ahead of the UK’s ‘Safe To Be Me’ Conference this Summer, the call for submissions will seek to find examples of workplace inclusion and advocacy from around the world. With global businesses to be asked for examples of how employers can support staff in countries where LGBT people routinely face discrimination.

Iain Anderson, LGBT+ Business Champion, said:

“I’ve been listening to inclusive and socially responsive businesses and hearing some of the great work that is already being done to ensure LGBT people feel welcome at work.

“Today I’m launching this call for engagement to draw together examples of what works for companies and their LGBT employees. We know that it’s not just about doing the right thing – inclusive businesses are also more successful, boosting their profits, and our economy.

“Ahead of the Safe To Be Me Conference, I want to shine a light on the great work so many companies are doing to ensure their employees feel they can be themselves.”

Iain Anderson was appointed to the role of HMG LGBT Business Champion in September 2021 with a mission statement to drive forward workplace equality for LGBT people.

Since his appointment, Anderson has been meeting with businesses and stakeholders across the country, collecting evidence on how to promote LGBT equality at work. To further this work he has decided to broaden the search for best practice, incorporating some of the best international practice into his work.

Last November he also hosted an event in Manchester, bringing together businesses and civil society organisations such as Google, Asos and Auto Trader, to discuss how to support people to be themselves at work. Anderson will also encourage businesses to network and advise each other as they seek to provide the best possible support to LGBT staff.

Further info:

We want to hear from employers of all sizes based in the UK and abroad. Those that wish to participate can fill in the call to engage.

The call is to seek practical examples and not to gather responses of personal experience.