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Bridie Mills - Community & Business Development DriveWorks Ltd

Digital Skills Partnership 01/06/2021

Digital Skills

Bridie Mills 
Community & Business Development
DriveWorks Ltd | Configure & Automate

Bridie Mills is leading the way in encouraging young people to think about careers in digital roles.

In the past year she has organised and run five Digital Work Experience days at Driveworks, based in Warrington – helping inspire students to take up tech, and travelled to Nashville for a global tech conference.

She recognises the importance of seeing more and more women taking up leading roles in digital skills.

So, what advice would she give to someone thinking about careers?

“The main tips I would give are: Pursue a career in something you enjoy doing. This might not be a specific role but could be something as simple as communicating with other people,” said Bridie. “Research lots of different companies and think about whether you would like to work for a large multinational company, an SME, in a city, or closer to home.”

And the biggest opportunity ahead for young people?

“The global pandemic has obviously created a lot of challenges for young people around the country, however there are some positives, notably the advancement in digital technology. Companies have made a shift to digital platforms and because of this they are more accessible to young people. With digital work experience and online careers events becoming more common, young people can seek a range of work experience options from companies around the country. There are also a wide range of training courses available to young people to ensure that they develop the right skills for their future career choices.”