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Blog: Five reasons why you should think about taking part in Help To Grow

Blog Growth Hub 09/05/2022

Why now is the time for you to engage with Help To Grow

Help To Grow are two government-backed programmes that were initially launched during the Coronavirus pandemic to help businesses build back and grow after the effects of Covid. The two schemes are Help To Grow: Management and Help To Grow: Digital. In the blog below Business Communications Manager Rachael Zaidel Lamb lists five reasons why now is the time for your business to think more about taking part in these schemes.

1. Funded support

One of the biggest advantages of the two Help To Grow programmes is that they are funded by the Government. In the case of Help To Grow: Management, your business only has to pay £750, as 90% of the cost of the course is funded through the scheme. With the Help To Grow: Digital option, there is up to 50% funding towards software up to £5,000 including digital accounting and CRM software. This funding means it’s a great time to consider how your business could benefit from Help To Grow.

2. Delivered by experts and learn from peers

The Help To Grow: Management scheme is specifically delivered by leading Business Schools, who are delivering it in partnership with the Small Business Charter, these expert academics are well-versed in supporting small businesses and local leaders. You can also benefit from learning from your peers who are also the course. Peer learning can be a great way to look at and decide how to face the challenges of running and growing a business. Similarly, with Help To Grow Digital, you can access free, tailored support about what digital tools and software will best suit your business needs.

3. Aimed at SMEs

Both Help To Grow schemes have been designed specifically to help SME businesses and the unique challenges they face; this is particularly important when considering strategy development and focusing on the unique ways SMEs can create a competitive advantage. Also, because the schemes have been designed with SMEs in mind, the Management course is designed to be taken alongside full-time work, meaning that time-stretched business owners can study and implement what they’ve learned straight into their business.

4. Investment in digital and technology

The Help To Grow Digital scheme enables your business to embrace the benefits of certain digital processes, including digital accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) software. These types of software improvements are known to be more efficient and more data secure than older and non-technological solutions. The investment in software like this also means you have less time spent on draining admin tasks, and more time to focus on the important things like increasing sales. 

5. Improve your business

Ultimately the best reason for you to take part in Help To Grow is that it can help you improve your business, whether that’s by creating a bespoke growth plan and developing a growth strategy through the Management programme or investing in a digital system that will help increase efficiencies, increase security of data and improve processes.

Manchester Metropolitan University will be delivering Help to Grow: Management in Warrington starting on Monday 23rd May.

If you’d like to know more about either of the Help To Grow programmes or the upcoming Warrington cohort then please contact the Growth Hub.