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ASG Services powers ahead with sustainable energy solutions

Growth Hub Warrington 30/05/2022

Joint venture between Westbrook Industrial and Perfect Sense

ASG Services, the labelling and integrated safety solutions specialist, is expanding its operations with the launch of a subsidiary business specialising in the supply of sustainable energy solutions for the warehousing and logistics sector.

The move is seen as timely with the sector facing mounting costs due to the massive hike in energy prices, twinned with an increasing desire by industry to source sustainable energy solutions.

The new company, ASG Energy Services Ltd, is jointly owned by Westbrook Industrial Ltd and alternate energy specialist Perfect Sense Ltd, an established supplier of solar panels. The launch of the new business is also an important move for the parent group as it will mean the creation of a number of new jobs, as well as significant new investment.

The JV sees representatives from Perfect Sense joining directors from Westbrook on the board of the new company. The individual directors will be combining their experiences to deliver a significant new offer in the alternative energy market.

ASG Energy Services will specialise in supplying sustainable energy solutions to the warehousing and logistics sector. In this way it will complement the existing wings - ASG Services & Warehouse Partners - of the Westbrook Industrial group, which is continually exploring ways of expanding its offer to this important sector.

The new company will be specialising in technologies such as Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, which can be fitted to the roof of new warehousing or logistics facilities, or else retrofitted to existing buildings. Other services include onsite industrial battery storage and with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, onsite charging points.

Alternative heating systems, such as ground and air source, will also be available, as will radiant heat systems such as Far infrared heating. As with the PV systems, these will be available for new build projects as well as retrofit installations.

The company will also be offering advice on tariff selection and money saving options to reduce energy bills. The business will review current tariffs and provide a comprehensive market comparison that will also include options for 100% carbon free renewable energy tariffs.

Tony Gresty, Managing Director, Westbrook Industrial said: “We have unrivalled experience of the warehousing and logistics sector having specialised in providing integrated safety solutions for the industry for more than 25 years.

“We are using this experience to provide businesses in the sector with sustainable energy solutions that will assist in the reduction of carbon emissions across their operations. The reduction of greenhouse gases is no longer desired, it is essential, and our market research suggests there is very strong interest in such an offer.”

He said a Commercial Solar PV system could be mounted on a suitable roof with an orientation from East to West through the Southerly side of the compass or could be ground mounted.

“Our Solar PV expert team has a vast amount of experience, and our design-led approach ensures that the system will optimise returns related to the electrical energy generated, your energy bill savings and the amount of income that is generated over the lifetime of the system usually 25 years plus,” added Mr Gresty.

The benefits of installing such a system are considerable. They can:

  • Significantly reduce a facility’s carbon emissions
  • Protect a company from future energy price rises
  • Typically, produce return-on-investment within three years
  • Demonstrate a company’s environmental credentials to its customers, and
  • Help towards a business’s Net Zero commitments

ASG Energy Services is also practicing what it preaches having installed PV panels on the roof of its headquarters at Easter Court in Warrington, along with electric vehicle charging points to support its new fleet of electric cars.

“We strongly believe in the benefits of such systems, both from an economic and an ethical perspective, which is why we have taken the decision to install them at our premises. We are excited to see the benefits of such technologies and we think our customers will be as well,” said Mr Gresty.

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