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Alcedo Care Group invests £100k in recruitment campaign

Business Chester Growth Hub Investment 04/08/2022

Looking to recruit over 100 new people to join Chester HQ

Fast growing Alcedo Care Group, with a busy regional office on New Crane Street in Chester, has invested £100,000 in the development of a purpose-built corporate vehicle to support its ambitious expansion plans and recruit more than 1,000 new home care professionals from across the North West by the end of this year.

Purchase of the low wheelbase exhibition-style vehicle underlines Alcedo’s commitment to an unprecedented recruitment drive, enabling the company to take its brand ‘on the road’ to recruit more than 100 new people to join the Chester office team by the end of this year.

The first of its kind in the care industry, the vehicle has been designed and fully fitted to a bespoke specification featuring an office-style meeting room, wall-mounted television screen and a reception area with welcome refreshments.

Group head of recruitment for Alcedo Care, John Townley, explains: “The new vehicle will really support our focus on recruitment ensuring we stand apart from others in the industry and achieve our goal of employing 1,000 new people by the end of this year.

“As we continue to grow and expand, we need to recruit the right people with shared values and standards who may be looking for a new and exciting career in care and are really looking forward to getting out across Chester. Having our own purpose-built portable office enables us to get out into local communities and really engage with people, communicating the exceptional range of care services that we provide and our commitment to continued professional development and career opportunities for the right people. We will also be able to interview and process applications for the right people who step on board.”

A full time events manager, Adam Garvey, has already been appointed to manage the day-to-day logistics of the vehicle and coordinate its activities across the region starting with a visit to each of Alcedo’s 13 offices and attendance at large organised events this summer including the Southport Flower Show in August and annual Blackpool illuminations switch on in September.

Collaborations and partnerships will also be developed with schools, colleges and universities, large supermarkets and leisure attractions, local job centres, return to work providers and charitable or not-for-profit organisations.

“With significant expansion our goal over the next three years, we need to grow our team by at least 1,000 individuals annually which equals to approximately 10 people per office per month. Those looking for a fulfilling new career in care should keep an eye out for our vehicle as it will be coming to an event or town centre near them in the very near future.”

Run by passionate husband and wife team, Andy and Jo Boardman, and with the support of their fantastic management team, the company is expanding at pace and aims to double in size over the next 12 months with the recruitment of more than 1,000 new carers.

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