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Appointments and Remuneration Committee

The Appointments and Remuneration committee acts on behalf of the Local Enterprise Partnership Board and is responsible for: the appointment of directors and top managers, maintaining HR Policies and Procedures, setting the HR Strategy and resolving HR issues. The committee monitor policies relating to recruitment, selection, training, performance, reward and retention of staff and develops and maintains a strategy and policy on salaries, terms and conditions of employment on behalf of the Board, taking full account of labour market movement. The committee makes whatever recommendations to the Board it deems appropriate on any area within its remit where action or improvement is needed.

Members of the public are welcome to attend committee meetings. If you would like to attend an Appointments and Remuneration Committee meeting then please contact one of the team at

Any information which is about human resources matters which is confidential or any information which is commercially sensitive won’t be published but will be referenced and minuted in papers as appropriate.

Future Dates

  • To be confirmed

There are currently no papers for this committee.