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STREAM – (Widening Access to Technology and Digital Skills) Cheshire College South and West, UTC Warrington and Warrington and Vale Royal

Jointly managed by Cheshire College South & West, Warrington Vale Royal and UTC Warrington. Working collaboratively with community organisations, raising awareness then educating individuals from identified neighbourhoods where there is little or no digital understanding and capability.

The project will facilitate access to technology empowering businesses and participants alike to gain confidence in digital applications, enabling full utilisation of their existing technology. Inspiring and engaging bitesize training will provide a passport onto Further Education. The project will assist Enterprise Cheshire and Warrington to mitigate the economic downturn, delivering recovery through improvement of digital skills within the region and raising opportunities for employability.

Geographical area

All of Cheshire and Warrington.

The mobile equipment will bring technology to communities and businesses. Some of the equipment will be used to record training sessions, enabling remote digital skills training to take place at a time and venue to suit. 

Technologies / Equipment

• Chromebooks and cases
• iPads and cases
• Charging trollies
• Smartphones
• 360 cameras, memory cards
• Microphones with audio recording support
• Tripods
• Lighting kits
• Laptops with editing software
• Projection screens
• HD unified Conference station

Skills being developed

• Entry level digital skills
• Have a go with technology sessions to spark interest
• Digital skills training to progress to level 3 courses
• Exploring websites.
• Using Social Media.
• Creating podcasts or writing blogs.
• Playing online games and quizzes.
• Job searching and completing online job applications.
• Online banking.
• Using Skype or other video chat platforms.
• Higher level specialist digital skills in qualifications / advanced manufacturing / robotics / additive manufacturing

Contact: Jackie Rogers