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STEM Centre / Digital Innovation Hub


STEM Centre / Digital Innovation Hub


This project will act as a central hub for the site to visit and explore all the new and innovative technologies which we could see providing huge potential business benefit. This space will also be used for STEM related activities as well. For example, we can conduct STEM lessons or use the space to housework experience students who can play with and explore the technology.


AstraZeneca STEM Computer Vision Outreach from Cheshire & Warrington Pledge on Vimeo.

Geographical area

Equipment will be located in Macclesfield but can be taken out to schools and libraries for technology sessions.

Technologies / Equipment

  • 3D Printing and Designing
  • AR / VR Devices
  • Immersive Screen / Projector Wall
  • IoT Technology
  • Computer Vision

Skills being developed

  • Coding and development working with technologies such as IoT or VR
  • 3D Designing and development
  • Using technologies such as AR and VR and how these technologies can be applied to business to provide business benefit
  • Problem solving and teamwork
  • STEM Lessons

Contact: Jo Baker