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High Performance Private Cloud

University of Chester

High Performance Private Cloud

University of Chester

To build a client-server computing environment for mixed use by Industry and Education.  The equipment will be split into two parts:

Private Cloud Server and Network estate (hosted within The University’s Riverside Data Centre) for remote access by businesses/individuals from across Cheshire and Warrington. The cloud can host learning materials, allow learners access to software (which would usually be costly for an individual or SME’s to purchase) and reduce the need for learners/trainers to travel.

Fixed and mobile client access devices, to help demonstrate to businesses and individuals the benefits of using the cloud – the project will buy and equip a van, including tablets/laptops, 3D scanners, drones and HoloLens. The project can support other skills projects, via remote use of the private cloud.

Geographical area

The project’s services will be accessible from any location. For users that require access to workstations for educational use, they will be able to use the existing facilities at any of the University’s campuses, subject to prior arrangement.

The mobile element of the project allows for businesses and individuals across the region to benefit from the equipment. This includes all FECs and rural areas of the LEP region, subject to demand and prior arrangement.

Technologies / Equipment

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cluster (VDI)
  • High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)
  • Multiple concurrent client cloud configurations (CloudStack)
  • Mobile IT centre
  • 1x Leica 360 and 1x Routescene LiDARPod (for use with a Drone) - These scanners have the capability to scan entire buildings
  • Drones

Skills being developed

  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Aided Design
  • 3D – Scanning, Visualization, Manufacture/Print
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Video Conferencing and Online Collaboration
  • General ICT

Contact: Brian Fitzpatrick