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Tourism & Hospitality Summer Jobs and Internships Virtual Information Session

The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge invites all employers within Tourism and Hospitality seeking interns or recruiting for summer jobs in 2024 to join our initiative to help recruitment during peak summer times.

Building on the success of our 2022 programme, which garnered positive feedback from both employers and young individuals, we are excited to continue facilitating opportunities for meaningful work experiences and want to run a sector specific version for the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Our commitment to offering paid internships and jobs aligns with best practices, ensuring accessibility for young people who may otherwise miss out on valuable work experiences. Annually, Cheshire and Warrington witness the departure of 5,000 young individuals for university education, many of whom do not return. Our collaborative effort aims to reverse this trend by retaining and nurturing future talent and brining more people into the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

We offer support in various ways:
• Joint Recruitment Promotion: Elevate the profile and visibility of your opportunities.
• Sharing Best Practices: Receive assistance with structuring and launching programs.
• Young Person Peer Network Support: Participate in shared events to celebrate and exchange experiences.

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