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New year, new markets: practical support on international trade

Monday 17th January 2022, 11am

International trade offers fantastic opportunities for UK small businesses, but far too few take the plunge into overseas markets. The Government has recently published a new export strategy with the ambitious target of achieving £1 trillion in UK exports in order to drive prosperity and growth as the economy recovers from COVID.

The new year has seen small businesses facing new EU-UK customs checks, ongoing supply chain issues and rising costs, challenges accessing export finance, negotiating currency fluctuations and more - there are many hurdles awaiting businesses trading overseas in 2022, which is why accessing the right support is so important.

FSB’s Ready to Launch report at the end of 2021 showed that just one in five businesses (21%) are fully prepared for the introduction of the new customs checks with the same number having temporarily or permanently stopped exporting to the EU – and a further 7% considering doing so. 

Other FSB research shows that just  one in four small importers who are aware of and impacted by the changes are ready for them to take effect.

One in eight (16%) of the importers surveyed by the group say they are unable to prepare for the introduction of checks in the current climate, and a third (33%) say they were unaware of their introduction prior to the FSB study, but will be affected by them.

Join FSB Merseyside and Cheshire for a practical event to help make sense of these challenges and support both seasoned exporters and those embarking on their international trade journey for the first time. For this event, we are delighted to join force with:

  • Sarah Davie, Spartan FX;
  • Lucinda O’Reilly, The International Trade Consultancy;
  • Tricia Francis, Department for International Trade;
  • Kevin Ledwith, UK Export Finance.

The event, which follow’s last summer’s ‘Exporting to the Commonwealth: Australia and New Zealand,’ will be chaired by FSB North West Regional Chairman, who is himself an International Business Development Strategist at Exporteurs.

Find out how international trade can boost your business, learn how to navigate the challenges on the road ahead, benefit from key advice and guidance and make the most of overseas opportunities in 2022 and beyond. Register now.

Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone our dedicated events helpline 01253 336028 or email