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Battery Electric HGVs - Market Engagement Event

This online market engagement event aims to convene the HGV sector around future pathways to deliver battery electric zero emission freight and logistics in the UK – translating concept into demonstration. It will draw out the opportunities, recommendations, and considerations which only a vibrant cross section of industry can provide.

It is vital that businesses of all sizes, academics, RTOs, and local authority representatives join to help us plan for a Net Zero HGV future

Some of the key organisations we are keen to engage with include:

  • Energy providers and regulators
  • EV charging Companies
  • Power Electronics, Machines and Drives
  • Batteries and energy storage
  • HGV and truck OEMs and supporting supply chain
  • Local authorities
  • Highway Authorities
  • Academic Institutions and Research Technology Organisations

This engagement is part of the wider activities around Zero Emissions Road Fright Trail in the UK. Alongside trials of other technologies, the programme expects to trial heavy, long distance battery electric HGVs that will be recharged at state of the art high power chargers (>1MW DC)  to enable city-to-city and national freight operations. The trials will help to commercialise zero emission technologies and will support the Government commitment to phase out new non-zero emission HGVs.

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