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Brand Resource

Guides and Toolkits

We have a few guidelines for using our brand and identity, it ensures that we stay consistent and keep our communications clear. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the resources available. For additional help and support in using the brand resources, contact


The following checklist ensures that all options have been considered before downloading and using brand resources.

  • Download and check the QuickStart Toolkit, to see if there is an available template with pre positioned logo for your communication before using the brand resources.
  • If a logo is required for a third party application or a PR communication then download the Press Toolkit.
  • If your application is unique then check the Identity Guidelines to ensure that the identity and logo can be applied correctly or if it requires additional design support.
  • Only once these options are exhausted download available brand resources, start with the Technical Guide: Logo Library to find the correct logo, then download the Logo Library.


QuickStart Toolkit (zip)

All the basics, templates and fonts to get started.

DATE ADDED: 7/7/2021 2:45:42 PM

Technical Guides

Technical Guide: Logo Library (pdf)

Logo library guidance and reference

DATE ADDED: 6/17/2021 11:01:34 AM