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Walking Tours Recommence at Nantwich Museum

Cheshire East visitor economy 07/09/2021

Options include a Riverside Walk, Lake and Woodland Walk....

Nantwich Museum has announced the recommencement of its highly popular walking tours. Options include a Riverside Walk, Lake and Woodland Walk, Town Tour and Welsh Row Tour.

The Riverside Walk introduces visitors to the river, its wildlife and history including its association with salt springs, some of which once made a major contribution to the prosperity of the town. The water in the river can rise very quickly, and many townspeople have lost their lives in the river over the centuries. The “Ouch! A slightly horrible history of health and disease in Nantwich” exhibition, currently running in the Millennium Gallery at the Museum, tells us that in the 17th century some 30 people drowned in the river, partly as few had learned to swim. When a 12-year-old boy drowned in the river in 1879 it was realised how few people could swim and a long pool at Bathing Meadow fed from the river via a sluice provided a place where people were encouraged to learn to swim. Scheduled Riverside walk dates are 11 September and 16 October. There is also a Lake and Woodland walk which is scheduled for 25 September and 30 October. The meeting point for both walks is Nantwich Lake at 11.00 am.

Scheduled dates for the next Town Tours are 15 September and 9 October and for the Welsh Row Tour 20 October. The Town Tours and Welsh Row walks commence at the Museum at 11.00 am. All walks last approximately 90 minutes. Costs are just £5 per person (£4 for Museum Members). Numbers are currently limited and pre-booking is advised either in person at the Museum Shop, by phoning 01270 627104 or by email. Groups are welcome to book their own walking tours.

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104; Website: