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JA Flooring: Peer Networks Case Study

Case Study Growth Hub Peer Networks 21/06/2021

Jim Forshaw shares his peer networks experience

Jim Forshaw, is an experienced director at J A Flooring, a leading Warrington soft flooring installation company and HJL Business Services. 

Last year Jim attended the Peer Networks programme, a national, fully funded programme for SME owners and leaders who want to grow and develop their organisations. Delivered locally by Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub, we create diverse groups of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues.

Jim shares his experience of taking part in the Peer Networks programme:

"I must admit to a little scepticism at first, but sharing one or two issues with a like-minded group was really beneficial to me, in terms of giving me ideas on how to scale up my business, while keeping it manageable!
I also felt that I was able to impart one or two ideas or suggestions, based on my past experiences, which I hope the rest of the group found useful.
I would definitely encourage any small business owner, or manager, to get involved, and ask them to approach it with an open mind, as I’m sure that they will find the investment of their time more than worthwhile."

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