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Inclusive Economy plans announced

Cheshire West and Chester Inclusivity Marketing Cheshire 10/02/2022

Plan to address pockets of disparities

The west Cheshire economy is valued at £10.5billion with 14,000 businesses employing 180,000 people, earning higher average incomes than the national average. The vision is for west Cheshire to achieve a thriving and inclusive economy which is greener, fairer and stronger – one that enables all people, places, and enterprises to flourish.

Health, education, and incomes are all above average, crime is low, and the economy is productive and growing, with specialisms and assets that make it well placed to thrive into the future. The borough has strong economic performance overall, performing at or above national averages and well above most of the North West.

This isn’t however the full picture, Cheshire West and Chester Council is now considering the actions that can be taken to address the pockets of intense disparities in opportunities and incomes, housing, health, and both digital and transport connectivity.

Following extensive consultation last autumn, through workshops, an online survey and conference, the Council’s Cabinet today (9 February) accepted the ‘West Cheshire Inclusive Economy Prospectus & Action Plan 2021’ and agreed that an Implementation Plan be developed.

In partnership with local stakeholders, the Plan identifies an ambitious package of twelve priority actions providing the opportunity to create a more inclusive economy for people, places, and enterprises across the borough.

Councillor Richard Beacham, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, Economy & Regeneration said: “This plan sets out a shared vision for a more inclusive economy in west Cheshire, where the benefits of economic growth and access to opportunities are shared more fairly.

“We know we cannot deliver a more inclusive economy alone, and in the years ahead I look forward to working with the public, private and community and voluntary sectors to create better jobs, deliver better training, and tackle big issues like poverty, climate change, digital exclusion and health inequalities - all whilst working together to keep more of Cheshire's money here in Cheshire, so our local economy can proudly remain as one of the strongest in the country." 

Many of the headline actions can be delivered through co-ordination, greater collaboration, and adaptation of existing teams, organisations, and initiatives whilst some will need additional funding.