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Exporting Case Study: Tower Associates (International) Ltd

Exporting Case Study 30/08/2022

Firm has a strong presence in many European markets

Tower Associates (International) Ltd provides high quality training, consultancy and credit control solutions to a variety of sectors, including I.T, banking, retail and engineering.

Launched in 1999, the business’ offering has grown from just one product to a total of 18, counting the likes of Microsoft, HSBC and Google among its clients.

Managing director Bill Dunlop started the Warrington company with tailored training programmes around credit solutions, before developing a complementary consultancy service. At the core of the business is a robust export strategy – which has seen the company expand from its original beginnings in the UK, to become a global operator.

Services were first exported to the Irish market, with a number of big-name corporates soon signed up as clients. The success of the company's training courses led to them being rolled out across whole organisations – many with their own international presence. As a result, the business went on to establish a strong presence in Eastern Europe, along with Spain and The Netherlands.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, given its broad geographical reach, the business had to quickly pivot and adapt, to enable its training programmes to be delivered remotely to lockdown teams, internationally.

Keen to step up their remote offering, Bill applied for a grant from the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub so that the company’s I.T system would be better equipped to cope with remote working and be more efficient.

Now, in a new age of hybrid working, the business is continuing to remodel service delivery to meet the ever-changing needs of clients, wherever it exports its specialist support.

Bill said: “As we moved through the pandemic and the way we all work evolved, it became clear that we needed to reposition ourselves. Our programmes had previously been done in-person but, with the rise of hybrid working, we noticed that many businesses were reluctant to bring in external people to run such sessions.

“Moving to virtual programmes was a no-brainer. We're now in a great position to exploit new markets and expand our international presence which includes looking to enter Asia and the USA.”

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