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Celebrating International Women's Day - Jane Gaston, Development Director - Protos - Peel NRE, Peel L&P

International Womens Day 08/03/2022

Hear from Jane Gaston, Peel L&P


Jane Gaston, Development Director - Protos - Peel NRE, Peel L&P

Susan Day shares what her organisation is doing to be more inclusive and drive change and what a diverse and inclusive future means to her.

What have you/your organisation done to be more inclusive and drive change?

Peel L&P has really committed to creating a supportive and inclusive culture by promoting diversity and eliminating discrimination. We’re always striving to be representative of the communities that we serve and make sure that our new and existing teams have equal opportunities. That’s a central tenet to the ‘People Promise’ we’ve in place, that commits to fairness and equality at work.


What would an international future that is diverse, equitable and inclusive mean to you?

For me, it’s about one where people have the freedom to try and succeed in whatever field they want to. The green, net zero future will bring with it so many opportunities for our communities, it’s essential that people are not constrained in accessing them (either through societal barriers or unconscious bias). Diversity enriches every aspect of our lives, and it’s the same when it comes to shaping new industries. Having a spectrum of views and experiences among the people making investment decisions should result in more inclusive economic growth.


Which (global/international) woman do you think lives these values and inspires you?

It’s got to be New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for me. She is an inspiring global leader, but she also exudes empathy and integrity. There’s an openness and accessibility in her approach that brings people with her, and I really respect that. It’s a different kind of leadership that I really admire and you don’t often see on the world stage ( and all that as well as fitting in time to bring up a family!).