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Business and Retail Support - Refugee Resettlement


Grateful for any support that businesses can offer

Dear Partner,

You will be aware of the devastating conflict currently taking place in Ukraine, Cheshire West and Chester Council and its residents are supporting Ukrainians fleeing their country by offering homes and support to ultimately help them be in a place of safety.

Many residents in the borough have kindly opted to share their homes with Ukrainian guests for a minimum of six-months (through the Homes for Ukraine visa route) and residents with Ukrainian family members are also supporting their family flee the conflict and opening up their homes (through the extended family visa route).

As we approach the summer holidays and as many adjust to living in the borough it’s extremely important for these families to experience what the borough has to offer as part of their welcome to the borough and to assist integration into communities, equally the same for any other refugees or asylum seekers who enter the borough – it can be an extremely daunting time, filled with lots of change and ambiguity.

We are aware that many of our sponsors of Ukrainian guests and community groups involved in supporting refugees are directly approaching organisations,  some organisations would rather that administration of such welcome gifts were administered through an organisation who could undertake a level of verification and in some cases manage the logistics. Cheshire West and Chester can undertake verification checks for arrivals who reside in the borough and I’m sure we could administer any welcome gifts/time limited support such any other organisations wish to get involved.

We would be extremely grateful for any support that the business and retail sector could offer in welcoming Refugees and Asylum Seekers into the borough and advised above CW&C would be more than willing to assist in co-ordination of such support to alleviate any concerns around verification and due diligence.