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Hear from the current learners benefiting from Skills Bootcamps

Case Study


I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, the content, and the way it was delivered exceeded any expectations I had. This course really challenged me to change how I view supporting and upskilling others and helped me to develop my own skills within my job role.

Empeiria Training Health and Care Skills Bootcamp

Why will Skills Bootcamps help you 

Learners aged 19+, who are employed, self-employed or unemployed can attend a Skills Bootcamp to gain skills for a new job or contract with no cost involved. You will be taken through the Skills Bootcamp with industry professionals providing support and training, then upon completion you will be supported for up to 6 months to utilise your skills in the workplace, either with a new job/role/contracts etc. If you're looking to improve your employability, broaden your skill set and/or start in a new field then Skills bootcamps will help you achieve your goal.  

Potential Skills Bootcamp categories/ themes  

We have bootcamps within the following sectors and have a small section of funding put aside for ‘other’.  

  • Digital 
  • Technical 
  • Construction 
  • Green Skills 
  • Pathway to accelerated apprenticeships 
  • Other - We are also open to receiving applications looking to pilot an alternative Skills Bootcamp area, subject to strong local employer demand and support, as well as strong alignment to our Local Data and Labour Market Intelligence. 

Cost and time  

Skills Bootcamps are always free for learners and can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on which Skills Bootcamp is chosen. Potential delivery routes include: 

  • Online / In person / Blended delivery approach 
  • Full time / Part time 
  • Day / Twilight 

More information  

For more information, please email 


I was a complete novice when I did the bootcamp and had never so much as looked at Illustrator and the other packages. I have created flyers that have been used for presentations and trade shows. I think the key to the bootcamp was it gave me the confidence to open the package and try and then the skills to develop what I could achieve. I am constantly learning new things and still refer to my notes from the training, it was invaluable.

SquareOne Training Graphic Design Skills Bootcamp

The boot camp has given me the confidence to put myself out there and try something new which has been the best thing I have done. It has equipped me with enough knowledge to get a foot in the door and show my potential to myself and my employer. When I first started I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew but the support from square one was so good they encouraged me to keep going and did everything they could to ensure my success. The Excel course I took have been a massive investment and helped me in what at first seemed quite overwhelming, it gave me the confidence to know I could do it and take those skills into the work place. Square one send out regular handy tips and hints for excel which I often look at and have taken some for myself in the workplace.

SquareOne Training Data Analytics Skills Bootcamp