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Community Digital Learning Hubs

Warrington and Vale Royal College

Community Digital Learning Hubs

Warrington and Vale Royal College

The project will provide digital equipment for use in the community by adult learners and the workforce of local businesses, situated in ‘Community Digital Learning Hubs’ at Northwich and Winsford libraries. The college will co-locate some of its adult and community (ACL) provision at the libraries and will augment existing learning opportunities there, primarily focusing upon digital familiarisation and upskilling. The project will used to offer multiple types of digital training.  In addition to digital basic, the college will offer coding and 3D design training.  As well as engaging a range of learners with this technology, the college will upskill a range of volunteers, currently engaged in work with the libraries, to add to their skill-set and experience.  There is already an existing ‘IT buddy’ volunteer offer in CW&C libraries and this would allow for expansion of this, further inspiring residents, especially those progressing into employment, to engage with digital learning and upskilling.

It will upskill a wide range of residents who are potential workforce for businesses. The project will be used by adult learners primarily, it will also be available for library staff and volunteers to use with children and young people, expanding the library service’s existing coding and digital club offer which has been restricted in the past by lack of access to equipment and trained volunteers. The AMET centres align and supports the UK’s Industrial Strategy, building on the significant strength of advanced manufacturing and engineering across Cheshire and Warrington, focusing on the potential to increase business productivity and resilience through investment in skills and industries. The centres will assure that the college plays a full and active role in building the Northern Powerhouse.

Geographical area

Northwich and Winsford libraries. All kit is mobile and can be used across the borough.

Technologies / Equipment

For Northwich & Winsford library (split equally):

  • iPad x 30
  • Laptop -x 30
  • Raspberry Pi starter kit x 20
  • Portable printer/scanner/copier x2
  • 3D pen x 20
  • 3D printer x 2
  • Projector x 2
  • Speakers x 2
  • Peripherals; ink, filament, paper etc.
  • Protective cases and storage trolley

Skills being developed

  • Basic IT Knowledge and software development skills
  • Enhanced IT Knowledge
  • Programming skills at entry level
  • Digital graphics at entry level and level 1
  • Basic software development skills

Contact: Rebecca Salisbury-Moss