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Advanced Construction Training (ACT) Centres

Placing the development of the relevant digital skills and competencies at their heart, the ACT centres will drive collaboration between the partner colleges and employers to develop, commercialize and promote digital technologies for the construction industry and the in-parallel skills training that supports it. In so doing, the ACT centres will assist the industry to build high quality, smart, green and efficient buildings and building infrastructures, faster, cheaper and more sustainably than ever before.

The ACT centres activities will closely align with the aspirations of the government’s ‘Transforming Construction Challenge’. In addition to the partner colleges, the ACT centres are accessible to employers, other training providers and schools across Cheshire and Warrington and the sub-region. The ACT centres are easily accessible and well-served by road and rail links.

The ACT centres will be part of ‘Accelerate Cheshire’. The ACT centres span Cheshire and Warrington, through a ‘hub and spoke model’ comprising a main hub and three spokes as follows:

  1. A main hub at Warrington and Vale Royal College’s (WVRC) Warrington campus
  2. A spoke at Macclesfield College
  3. A spoke at Reaseheath College
  4. A spoke at WVRC’s Winsford Campus
  5. A spoke at Cheshire College South and West
  6. A spoke at UTC Warrington

Geographical area

Cheshire and Warrington

Technologies / Equipment

  • GPS total stations and software
  • Computer work stations and laptops associated software Tekla, BIM 3DCAD
  • Revit Bentley, Revizto, Aveva software
  • Leica Robotic Total station
  • AR headsets
  • Digital Router
  • Drones
  • Laser scanning
  • 3D Printing
  • GPS topographic survey equipment
  • VR headset
  • VR Workstations

Skills being developed

  • BIM - The developments in Tekla software make the modelling of buildings and sharing of these models between different design disciplines much more efficient and effective
  • Robotic surveying equipment that make the whole process of surveying and setting out more efficiently both in terms of the length of time and the cost
  • Drones – high level surveying, stone work repairs, aerial mapping of buildings.
  • Laser Scanning – measurements of buildings internal/external.
  • 3D Printing – Architects.
  • GPS Topographic Survey – site levels/measuring.
  • Revit 3D CAD – building 3D models. With new or improved training being delivered.
  • Higher level skills ( L3-L5) Construction and Built environment

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