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Carpe Diem & CreativeHUT


Carpe Diem & CreativeHUT

Our project operates to achieve the following 3 main Goals:

  •       Give lifelong learning experiences in STEAM to a minimum of 2,750 students per year
  •       Attract 260 local business per year to use the facilities and resources
  •       Build the STEAM pipeline from Warrington by supporting progress of students who want to develop a career with-in STEAM

Coding/AI, AR/VR, robotics, advanced engineering and prototyping kit is needed alongside the necessary programming software, computing hardware and AV resources to deliver exceptional STEAM training programmes. The equipment recommended has been carefully selected to cover the complete training lifecycle, supporting continuous learning programmes, from schools to upskilling and reskilling; catering for up to 20 students per session (per training room).

IOTA are able to provide world class STEAM training for the local and regional economy; bringing together students, teachers, job seekers, the existing workforce and businesses to deliver an unrivalled programme of STEAM education, open to all, with clear pathways to thousands of exciting jobs and careers.

Geographical area

The equipment will initially be housed in Pyramid Arts Centre (Palmyra Square, Warrington) in order to provide direct public access under the destination working title of IOTA – Innovation Open To All. Further evolution of the project would see a full dedicate learning centre, funded by CreativeHUT / Carpe Diem being opened with-in Warrington town centre.

Technologies / Equipment

  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) resources for Foundation stage to Further Education
  • AV devices to support lesson and project capture
  • Supporting hardware such as laptops, Ipads, digital devices
  • Classroom management tools included activity furniture and storage

Skills being developed

  • Problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity
  • Developing a mindset that will support the workforce development for next 20 years
  • Hands-on experience in STEAM
  • Activate career paths with high earning potential
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Creative pathways in to local/national business

Contact: Anne-Marie O’Neill

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