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Virtual Meet the LATAC Hydrogen Project Developers

The Department for International Trade in Latin America & Caribbean is hosting a virtual LATAC Hydrogen Project Developers Showcase event to introduce UK businesses, trade associations and academia to different hydrogen project developers across Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Trinidad & Tobago and with key policy developers and investors in the LATAC region. If you are UK company interested in the development of Hydrogen sector in the LATAC region, this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise, meet decision makers and win international business in this exciting region.

This is a 2-day event to explore UK-LATAC collaboration opportunities and to understand the status of hydrogen strategies in different markets, as well as the development of key projects and their niche areas of demand.

UK companies will have the opportunity to showcase their capability in a digital brochure that will be distributed to local stakeholders in the region. Suitable companies will be matched to project developers according to the needs identified by them in a matchmaking session on Day 2.

Registration is open untill February 23rd - book your place here