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Cyber Security – recognising threats, GDPR, processes in your business & training needed

The Digital Cheshire programme offers a huge and varied range of fully funded digital masterclasses to offer support to local businesses that wish to embrace new ways of working, reach out to new markets and drive digital efficiencies.

Seminar Overview:

This session will cover the types of threats that organisations are likely to face – how they can be detected and what organisations should have in place to protect against them.

We’ll cover the risks businesses are most likely to face, such as the risks associated with phishing and social engineering attacks. Including technical measures that can be put in place to detect and block them, as well as the benefits of staff training.

The workshop will cover the different areas that should be covered by business policies, processes and security awareness training – including some common weaknesses of security awareness offerings. This will include an overview of the impact that GDPR has on businesses and how processes and training should be adapted for GDPR.

Our speaker is an experienced ethical hacker and can give first-hand examples of how different threats can be built and delivered, such as how attackers put together phishing emails and “What happens next” when a staff member falls for a social engineering scam.

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