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Australia and New Zealand Market Briefing

Join us for a market briefing covering the evolving trade relationships between the UK and ANZ, market overviews and tips for doing business in the region.

The UK, Australia and New Zealand have a shared history, language and are the closest of allies working together to tackle global problems. Since its withdrawal from the European Union, the UK has been able to negotiate the most advanced, gold-standard Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). The first agreement to be negotiated from scratch was with Australia, and a New Zealand FTA is currently under negotiation.

With total trade in 2020 between the UK and Australia equalling £13.9 billion and £2.3 billion between the UK and New Zealand, there are great opportunities for UK companies in the region both now and into the future. 

Join the Department for International Trade's Joanne Freeman, Director for Trade (ANZ) and Consul General for Queensland and the Northern Territory, as she explores the relationships between the three countries, provides a summary of the recent FTAs, offers insights into both markets and shares hints and tips for doing business Down Under. In this session, Jo will also answer any questions you may have on expanding to the region.

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