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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity to work with us to deliver a cloud computing bootcamp.

The cloud computing bootcamp should include training to enable learners to develop cloud computing skills in preparation for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification.

This bootcamp prospectus focuses on Digital Core – Cloud Computing.

The maximum grant allocation for this bootcamp is £37,500 and the bootcamp must involve a cohort of at least 13 learners.

All queries and applications to deliver this training to be submitted to:

Q&A session scheduled 29th June 1500. To request an invite please email

Final Q&A pack to be uploaded to LEP website 6th July.



  Prospectus Live      

  22nd June  

  Q&A Session 

  29th June, 3pm 

  Deadline for queries 

  4th July, 12pm  

  Submission deadline 

 14th July, 9am 

  Evaluation of bids  

  14th July - 21st July 

  Bidders notified of grant award 

  22nd July

  Inception meeting 

  w/c 8th August

  Learner start date 

  w/c 26th September


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