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How to enter the Marketing Cheshire Awards

How to enter the Marketing Cheshire Annual Awards 2021/22

Choose which category you wish to enter; there might be more than one that is relevant to your business.

Read ‘Top Tips’ for filling in nominations forms below.

Click here to create an account and start your submission, you can save and print off partially completed forms to review at any time prior to submitting the final version. 

You may prefer to look at a sample form before you start your online application, sample application forms are here (19 sample forms)

Check that you are eligible for the category by checking the ‘Eligibility’ section on your entry forms.

When your form is completed, click submit.  This must be before the deadline published on the key dates page, late entries cannot be accepted.  You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of your entry.  If you don't receive this or have any questions email

All entries must be submitted online by the deadline (15th October 2021).

They cannot be accepted via email or any other format.

Top Tips for filling in nomination forms

IMPORTANT re your online submission 

We recommend that that you compete your answers in a word document or use the practice forms which you can save and return to as required.  When you are happy with your answers, cut and paste into the online application.

  • Check that you are eligible to enter
  • Read the criteria carefully to ensure that you choose right category or categories
  • Answer all questions and use all your word count
  • Read the criteria and answer what is asked, not something else
  • Assume the judges know nothing and have never heard of your business. Tell your story, sell yourself/your business and provide facts that show your successes
  • Be aware that the judges will look at websites, social media and TripAdvisor
  • Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. Is it easy to read, with relevant information, is it inspiring?
  • Make sure you check your spellings
  • Get a colleague to read through before you submit
  • Good presentation is important
  • Allow plenty of time to gather relevant information and write your nomination
  • Prepare your application early, don’t leave to the last minute as the deadline cannot be extended
  • Submit your application before the deadline date


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