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Eco-I NW

Eco-I NW

The transition to a low carbon economy has already begun. The Eco-I NW programme is working with six universities, who are offering support to help businesses:Develop new products and services, adopt a future-ready business model, and reduce the carbon intensity of your operations by joining our research and development project.

The Eco-I North West Capital Grant Scheme helps support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the progression of business innovation, along the technology readiness levels and the adoption of new technologies, which aid the transition to a low carbon economy.  This match-style funding grant can purchase new equipment or technology and its installation, but will not support running or maintenance costs. The total value of the project proposed must be no less than £5,000 and no greater than £24,999. Grants are awarded on a 50% or 60% match basis depending on business location.

The scheme can support:

  • Investment in a new technology, process or product e.g. building of a prototype/test rig
  • Purchase of equipment, construction or design of component parts linked with a new technology
  • New product/technology trials and testing including simulations, lab work or field pilots
  • Research and development which moves a product along technology readiness levels

All grants need to be linked to a carbon saving technology.