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Sales Excellence

This course is delivered by Pareto Law

Face to Face Setting
Combined (Virtual and face-to-face Setting)

About this course

For sales professionals who lead virtual commercial meetings and with a minimum of six months experience within their role, Sales Excellence is the optimal next step in their development. This virtual workshop is designed to offer a more advanced approach, perfect for those wanting to lift their performance to the next level. Delegates are given a practical toolkit which provides insightful methods on how to engage clients throughout the sales process and lead video conference meetings effectively towards a results-driven outcome. They are also coached in how to use their commercial and industry knowledge to full effect.

This virtual workshop will be delivered over a day and will be broken down into 2 x 3 hour interactive sessions and gives delegates the opportunity to learn through challenging, interactive and practical exercises.

Learning Outcomes

Session 1

  • Deliver impactful client engagements which increase your client success
  • Explain the importance of providing market insights to build credibility and client loyalty
  • Explain the P.R.O.V.O.K.E model to improve your sales results
  • Demonstrate powerful questioning techniques to uncover further client needs during virtual meetings
  • Demonstrate how to coach your client from a fixed position to being open to change

Session 2

  • Build the value of your proposition through ‘story telling’ and proof statements
  • Demonstrate how to pre-empt objections and overcome them confidently
  • Explain the Commitment Matrix to drive sales pipeline and commitment
  • Lead the sales process through implementing a winning virtual meeting structure

Course Length

Face to Face Setting - 1 Day

Combined - 2 x 3 hour interactive sessions

The classroom based course cost is £378 per delegate.
The combined online and classroom-based course cost is £336 per delegate.
The classroom based course with the Accelerate grant cost is £226.80
The combined online and classroom-based course with Accelerate grant cost is £201.60 per delegate.

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