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Proactive Prospecting

This course is delivered by Pareto Law

Face to Face Setting
Combined (Virtual and face-to-face Setting)

About this course

An enlightening one day virtual course which begins with how a positive mind-set is the key to generate, qualify and maximise sales opportunities on the telephone. This interactive course dispels the myth that “cold calls don’t work” and looks at practically engaging prospects. Proactive prospecting prepares delegates with practical tools and techniques to get to the next stage of the sales cycle, particularly when working within a remote environment. It is a ‘must have’ for anyone who is generating new business.

Learning Outcomes

Session 1

  • Explain how a positive belief and attitude will benefit live prospecting
  • Effectively and professionally get past gatekeepers
  • Create a compelling openings to engage with key decision makers
  • Understand your partner’s needs and uncover their challenges through questioning

 Session 2

  • Effectively present your solution and next steps to keep your customers engaged
  • Handle objections confidently and professionally to improve levels of commitment
  • Close partner interactions with confidence and commitment
  • Practically apply the techniques to make a winning cold call

Course length

1 Day (Virtual)
2 x 3 hour interactive sessions

The classroom based course cost is £378 per delegate.
The combined online and classroom-based course cost is £336 per delegate.
The classroom based course with the Accelerate grant cost is £226.80
The combined online and classroom-based course with Accelerate grant cost is £201.60 per delegate.

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